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A project helping handicapped and mistreated animals in need

Handipet Rescue focuses on caring for the most needy and the forgotten. Animals that suffer from serious health problems and for those that other organisations or their owners cannot take care of. We give the chance of a good life to paralysed, blind and the seriously injured, the oldest and the youngest.
We are convinced that every life has a meaning.



The scope of our work is not only to care for the specific needs of animals. We are actively trying to spread the general awareness of abandoned and abused animals. We draw attention to the plight of dogs and cats at 'backyard' breeders, cases of abuse and the alarming number of animals ending up in shelters and rescues. We participate in public events (trade fair FOR PETS, Prague Pride, NGO Market, etc.), organize lectures and have also held discussions with children at primary schools.

Are you organizing an event where our stand shouldn't be missing? Would you like to organize a discussion at school or for colleagues at work? Contact us!



We provide information on how to choose your future pet. You will learn not to be tricked by the breeders and not to support the cruel treatment of animals in cages. We will tell you why we recommend adoption from shelters and rescues and what the adoption process looks like. In addition, we will be happy to advise you on feeding your pets raw food and share our experiences in dealing with complicated health problems of dogs and cats.

If you need our advice, email us.


Charity eshop


Charity eshop

Would you like to support the running of our organisation and at the same time make yourself or your loved ones happy? Check out out charity eshop! We offer the most beautiful items for dog and cat owners. The shelter animals of Handipet Rescue will be very grateful for your support, ensuring their health care and that they have full bellies.


Assistance to other shelters


Project to support dogs from shelters

Help us fulfil the wishes of dogs who are still waiting to find their loving owners. Fill their bowls with food, help pay for expensive treatments, or make them a toy that will shorten their long wait behind the shelter walls.


Puppies for adoption in shelters throughout the country

Puppies, just like human babies, are at increased risk of getting serious diseases. In shelters, where there are neglected dogs with poor health, this is doubly true. That is why we help all those little ones find their own home as quickly as possible, where they will be safe. Even if you're not looking for a new dog partner to accompany you in life, you can get involved by sharing posts on social networks. Even the smallest help counts!



Hlavatého 663/15, 149 00 Praha
IČ: 01552309 DIČ: CZ01552309


Nikol Burešová
phone: 725 723 947

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